Friday, April 14, 2023

April 15 class


Taborgrass, this Saturday (4/15)


12:00 - Doors Open

12:15-1:15 - Tune Class

1:30 - 3:00 - Jam Class

12:00-3:00 - Open Jamming

One class is $10, two for $15! Jamming is a $5 suggested donation.

All classes take place at 3300 SE Woodward St, Portland, OR 97202

Tune Class

This week, we are going to learn Snow Deer! A worthy instrumental that should circulate more widely, if I were in charge of the world. It puts us into some new territory with a major 2 chord. What's a major 2 chord? Come on down and learn all about it.

Jam Class

A whole class just for jamming! Here we'll be working on all the ins and outs of playing music with other people. We'll work on calling songs, taking breaks, listening in, and communicating with your fellow jammers. Bring a song or tune to call!

Note: there will not be a song class this week.  The Jam Class has an extra half hour this month, and I will use that to dig a little deeper into one that we've already learned, "say, won't you be mine". 

Both in G.