Monday, October 9, 2023

Taborgrass Update

 Hi folks!

Patrick and Kaden here with an update on Taborgrass.

The long and short of it is that there won't be a recurring Taborgrass class this year. Between parenthood, tour dates, and everything else it takes to keep the wheels turning and the lights on, running regular group glasses is proving to be one project too many. This doesn't mean we're done teaching and getting folks together, and are definitely keen on running more workshops in the future, we just can't quite commit to renting space at Waverly and keeping a recurring class going. Keep an eye on the website and facebook page if you want to stay in the loop on whatever we're cooking up next.

We're both so grateful for all of you. Thanks to everyone who came out to jam and listen to us ramble about fiddle tunes and G runs. Huge thanks to Waverly for hosting us for all these years. And of course, thanks and love to Greg and Linda for making Taborgrass everything that it is.

Hope to see you at a festival/jam/square dance soon. Take care out there Tabograssers!

-Patrick and Kaden