Thursday, November 8, 2018

Times and Locations for November 10, 2018

This information will be available each week at the handout table.
Everyone meets in the Sanctuary at 10am.

First Year Class:
10am to 11:30am   Sanctuary
11:30am to 1pm     Sanctuary, Hyde Hall and Office

Second Year Classes:
10am to 11:30am  Fellowship Hall and Hyde Hall
11:30am to 1pm    Fellowship Hall, East and West Classrooms

Open Jams:
10am to 11:30am  West and East Classrooms, Office
11:30am to 1pm    Entry Hall (Foyer)

Study Group (4 persons max):
10am to 11:30am  Bell Tower
11:30am to 1pm    Bell Tower

Waverly UCC
3300 SE Woodward Street
Portland OR

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