Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Zoom Class Tomorrow

 Zoom Class is on for Tomorrow! Note: We'll have zoom class on 5/12 and 5/19, then take a little break to get ready for what Taborgrass will be up to over the summer. Stay tuned!

Just like last week, we're keeping things simple. Click here to join the zoom meeting, and click here to donate via paypal. Suggested donation $5

This week, we'll be working on:

"Rose of Old Kentucky" in A

"Little Cabin Home on the Hill" in G

"Soldier's Joy"

Check out Tommy Jarrell playing Soldier's Joy. Tommy is a legend in the Old-Time world, and his playing will give you a sense of what these tunes sound like in a traditional context. Sometimes the tune has lots of notes, sometimes few, always grooving!

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