Monday, January 3, 2022

First Class Postponed

 Hey Taborgrassers!

Given current projections about the omicron variant's spread in Oregon, we're postponing the return of Taborgrass until February 5. We're working on some zoom classes to fill in the gaps, so stay tuned!

Here's some ideas of what to do in the meantime:
Listen to all the songs and tunes we've learned so far on the Taborgrass Playlist
Appreciate this recording of Tony Rice forgetting lyrics on stage 
Play along with backing tracks like these
Learn all the words to that song you've been meaning to work on over at John Kael's
Get a lesson on music theory, Pythagoras, and the secret of bluegrass from Carlton Haney and Jimmy Martin

Thanks for hanging in there everyone! Stay tuned, we hope to see you soon.

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