Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thank you Taborgrass!

After ten wonderful years at Taborgrass, I’m announcing today that I am stepping down.

When I think of all the great times and adventures we have had over the years.  We’ve all made friends at Taborgrass, not just pickin buddies, but close and dear friends that we will have for a lifetime.  This experience has been life changing for me.

Obviously, Taborgrass would not exist without all of you.  I can't thank everyone enough for all your support of my little project.  From day one at Artichoke Music, when I set out 15 chairs for a once a month workshop, and 40 people showed up. I knew I had hit a vein and started a program that was needed in Portland.  My wish is that it continues forever.  The Taborgrass community is now over 100 musicians strong and growing.  Taborgrass jams are starting up everywhere.  I’m so proud of all of you and the progress we all have made!  I hope to see all of you at Taborgrass and wherever there are fun people playing fun music!  Happy pickin!!


Welcome Kaden Hurst!

To many of you, Kaden needs no introduction for he has been the Second Year Class instructor at Taborgrass for the past 2 years.  Today I am excited to announce that Kaden Hurst will now be leading all activities at Taborgrass!

A graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music, Kaden is instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter in the award winning band “Never Come Down”.  If you haven’t been to one of their live shows, you are missing out.  Portland is so lucky to have them.

Kaden will be bringing members of his band to Taborgrass as well as an array of local talent, young and old.  I know that Taborgrass will be in good hands!  Thank you Kaden Hurst!!

Look for future announcements on jams, workshops and classes at Taborgrass as we navigate through these current times.

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